shutterstock_97250669Why would you want the environmentally friendly green cleaning service?

The potential physical injury that can be caused by traditional cleaning chemicals is what will make you consider the switch to the green cleaning services. You should be familiar with the science behind cleaning, and how the chemicals present in the variety of conventional products can bring a major injury to your health.

Understanding the science behind the chemicals in rough cleaners and the way they can contaminate the body are important to understanding how your cleaning service can affect your health and well-being. Properly selecting and using green cleaning products can help guard the health and safety of your family and our big planet. Green Clean selects only the highest quality all-natural products for cleaning your office from top to bottom.

Services Offered

We offer services for offices and post construction sites in Seattle/Tacoma area. With Green Clean you will have the services of experienced, fully trained staff using the latest cleaning materials and equipment.shutterstock_333658733

Here is the detailed list of services we offer:

  • Floor waxing/ buffering ( strip, wax and polish the floors) Make those words stand out because we do a lot of strip, wax and polish 🙂
  • Janitorial services/ supplies
  • Dealership cleaning  services
  • Childcare cleaning services
  • Law office cleaning services
  • Beauty Salon cleaning services
  • Urgent Care Cleaning Services
  • Medical clean room services
  • Library cleaning services
  • Post-construction cleanups
  • Tile & Grout cleaning
  • Hard floor/ carpet care
  • Emergency Services
  • Chemical free cleaning products/ Green cleaning